Bagging ฿ from the Business of Making Paper Bag

Paper Bag has become one of the trends throughout the world in campaigns to use environmentally friendly materials. After decades of being spoiled by the practicality of plastic bags, many people are now trying to encourage the use of bags that can be easily recycled or destroyed by weathering processes to reduce the impact of pollution on the soil. The concept is materials that “reuse, reduce, and recycle”. Then paper bags or paper bags become one of the choices in supporting the green program.

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Paper bag is a cheap product that turns out to have its own prestige impression compared to bags made from plastic or other fibers. Various retail businesses also use paper bags as a container for products purchased by their customers, for example when buying mobile phones, clothes in boutiques, shopping at supermarkets, buying cosmetic products, eyewear in optical stores, and others.

Nearly most of these shops choose to use paper bags for media places (containers) of products purchased by customers. Even though the price is quite cheap, it actually makes the product image that the consumer takes home is not cheap.

The increasing public awareness in supporting the Green World program and the increasing number of retail businesses that use paper bags that function as a medium to pocket products purchased by consumers, making paper-making bags seem promising. What do you need to prepare for building a business for making paper bags? Let’s look at the brief description!

1. Understanding the Making Process of Paper Bag

The first step that must be done is to learn to make a paper bag. In short, in making this paper bag, the materials needed include: 450cm² kraft paper, power glue, 4 chicken eye metal rings, cardboard paper and choir string. The equipment needed consists of paper scissors and punch makers. It might also need a paper cutting machine to make the work process faster.

How to make a paper bag:

  • Prepare a piece of paper bag paper material that has been made / illustrated the pattern, for example with the size of pxlxt = 16x5x12cm.
  • Cut the paper based on the pattern that has been designed.
  • Connect the side edge or also called the bag wall using glue. Once formed, bend the top of the bag wall or also called the neck of the bag.
  • Also connect to the bottom (bottom) of the bag by adding thicker paper or paper as a bag to make it stronger.
  • Make a hole in the mouth of the bag and attach it to the chicken eye ring as a place to hook the tote strap.
  • Put the string in place, and the Paper bag is finished.

2. Create Quality Paper Bag Products

A good paper bag is a bag that has a neat and strong shape (not easily torn). In the manufacturing process that is still “hand made”, it should be considered once the neatness. Maybe you also need paper screen printing equipment to print business images or logos from your clients.

There are various sizes of paper bags that you can make according to consumer orders, for example 11×18.5 cm; 9×14 cm; 15×21 cm; and so on with landscape and portrait models. The paper bag section that consumers often complain is at the mouth of the bag and bottom of the bag. So pay close attention to the quality conditions in that section.

3. Do a Business Promotion

To be successful in this business, you are obliged to actively conduct business promotions in many places. In addition to selling directly to stores, you should also offer business people in your area to be willing to use your product as a shopping bag for consumers.

In addition, competitive pricing also determines your success. A medium-sized paper bag product consumes an average of ฿ 70.00 – ฿ 95.00, so it is usually sold between ฿ 150.00 – ฿ 240.00 / pcs