10 Incredible Tips To Care For Upcycled Furniture

Upcycled and painted furniture has become a popular trend for those looking to add an element of uniqueness to their homes. Not only is upcycling furniture a big business it is also better for the environment. Through upcycling, we are able to take old items, which have been discarded and turning them into something beautiful again.

Most upcycling projects are great for beginners. These include repainting a coffee table or turning an old cabinet into a study desk. There really is no doubt that the addition of just one piece of upcycled furniture to the home can give a room an entire a new look and feel. But, the most important part of owning a piece of pre-loved furniture to make sure that you care for it properly.

Have a look at our detail guide to caring for upcycled and re-painted furniture:

The most important thing to remember once you have acquired a piece of upcycled furniture or a re-pained pre-loved piece is that you need to treat it with the utmost respect. This means taking care of the actual pieces as well as ensuring that it is properly maintained. To maintain your upcycled furniture piece you may want to enlist the services of a professional.

To care for the pieces are far easier and for the most part, only requires you to make sure you properly clean your furniture correctly. When properly cared for upcycled furniture pieces will last for many years.

• If you have a piece of upcycled furniture which has been treated with an oil-based or water-based finish you need to know that for it to properly cure there is a 28 day waiting period. During this time make sure that you do not excessively handle the furniture.

• Never put glasses or items with sharp edges directly on the furniture. Glasses produce condensation which can damage the delicate finish in the piece. The same can be said for sharp objects.

• To clean upcycled furniture, simply use a soft cloth. There is no need to use any water. Simply wipe away any dust the may have accumulated.

• If you find that your furniture piece incurred slight stain you should only use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the stain. Avoid using chemicals on the furniture as this would erode the finishing.

• Should you find that you need to use soap you should always select a mild soap such as a dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly dilute the soap before using it.

• Never use furniture polish which can be sprayed onto the pieces. The liquid and spray forms of polishes damage furniture.

• Never expose your furniture to excessive water. If you do find watermarks on your furniture, remove these with a wax-based polish.

• Should wax come into contact with your furniture piece, remove it as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

• Always use coasters on tables.

• Instead of liquid polish, opt for a wax-based polish.