5 best kinds of dresses for kids of all age

When we are kids, there is one huge advantage. We really don’t have to get bothered by what kind of clothes suits our body. Body shapes, measurements are least of our concerns. Kids look beautiful in whatever they wear and as a guardian, it’s our responsibility to make sure they get to wear those amazing different kinds of dresses.  The fashion designers even put equal efforts to bring different kind of kids clothing for the girls. So here I will mention about few kinds of dresses which are loved universally.

1.  Tulle skirt dress:  Tulle is the kind of fine net which is used to make wedding dresses, veils etc. The same material used to make voluminous skirts for babies. Sometimes a t-shirt is attached with the skirt and that’s known as the tulle skirt dress. It’s a perfect choice when your kid is attending a wedding party. Pair it with good ballerina shoes and a hair clip and she is good to go.

2.  Sweatshirt dress: This is an ideal casual wear which your child can wear everyday. It’s just a sweatshirt which reaches till you knees, thus saving you from searching for a pant to go along with it. It’s very comfortable, keeps you warm and looks very stylish at the same time. It also comes with a hood sometimes. Pair it with a belt and sneakers to get a good look.

3. Puffed sleeve dresses:  One of the most beautiful kind of dress. The sleeves are made voluminous, thus giving the shoulder an edgy look.  There are many summer dresses with puffed up sleeves, making it more airy and keeping the body cooler.  It’s available in single solid colours and it’s also available in many prints.  It looks great with a summer hat and boots.

4. Tutu dress: It’s a girl’s favourite, when it comes to kid’s clothing because they often see little girls wearing such dresses while performing ballet dance and they might have definitely demanded one. Don’t worry, she need not do ballet dance to wear tutu dresses. Now kids even wear these bell shaped dresses when they go to parties. These dresses look extremely pretty and make those innocent girls look like doll for real.

5. Handkerchief dress: A very popular, in fashion type of dress. It’s very lose and the hem is stitched in such way that it looks as if the corners of the handkerchiefs are held together, thus forming multiple pleats. It’s extremely lightweight so it’s a very comfortable dress when it comes to kid’s clothing. Pair it with sneakers or boots to make your child look like a fashionista.

These are the best choices when it comes to shopping for dresses for those little toddlers. Dresses always make them feel like princesses so it’s one of their all time favourite pick. Apart from these dresses, there are slip dress, fit and flare dresses, A-line dresses which are extremely common and a popular choice. Go for shopping and find the best pick.