5 Best Online Grocery Stores In The UK

Food is a universal language, but good food speaks in melodies so sweet you can only but fall in love.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic which brought on the unending lockdown and closure of stores and banning of physical activities and gatherings in places like the market, online stores became our saving grace as they delivered all we need right at our doorsteps and buying food online became an everyday norm.

According to UK.collected.reviews there are several online grocery stores, but which serves the best?

1.      Amazon Fresh

An online store originally launched in the UK in 2016 is a retailer for big brands like Coca-Cola and Kelloggs as well as its own brands. They offer fresh foods right at your doorstep and their partnership with Whole foods allows supply of a wide range of organic products to you with selection ranging from fruits, vegetables, meat and baked goods. Swift and same-day deliveries are what they offer with drivers leaving your order on the doorstep in compliance with covid-19 regulations.

2.      Asda

Asda is a leading UK retailer and subsidiary of retail giant Walmart. They offer delicious, flavoured food that returns the value for your money. With a wide range of groceries including fresh, frozen and chilled groceries at prices typically lower than other sites. Their aim is minimum spending for quality products.

3.      Ocado

Ocado is an online-only grocery store with a technological edge over its competitors as they use robots to pick and pack your order. They promise delivery in a one-hour slot and are open everyday of the week even on Sundays and holidays, with an app that’s easy to navigate you can shop anywhere, anytime and reminders will be sent about your delivery. Fresh foods as fresh can be straight to your kitchen table is the Ocado way.

4.      Iceland

This is a haven for frozen foods. They provide food (frozen) that allows you to plan meals ahead. With a focus on affordability they experienced an increase in sales during the lockdown as they help protect you from food shortages. With selection in categories of baked goods, drinks and fresh foods (non-frozen) and a partnership with Uber-eats in London that allows delivery of food within 20 minutes.

5.      Waitrose

Waitrose.com is one among the best-stocked suppliers of both pantry-snacks and fresh foods. At Waitrose.com all food comes with a freshness guarantee and deliveries are traceable with the minimum spend for home deliveries being £40. The site is equipped with a multi-search bar that allows viewing and selection of multiple products at once. Waitrose is known for its overall quality of own-label and fresh products.

The bottom line

The coronavirus pandemic exposes the good in our modern-age resources, one of which is online shopping and stores that makes weekly shopping ridiculously easy , provides a wide selection and are open 7-days of the week are part of what make the world a more comfortable place to live.