5 Tips For Choosing The Ultimate Persian Rug

If you’ve ever bought an expensive Persian Rug you’ll know that feeling of achievement when you finally found the perfect rug for your home. The process of buying a Persian rug can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you take into consideration the vast number of different patterns and colours and types available.

Thankfully we’re here to help you find the absolute perfect rug for your home. Here are our top tips for picking out the ultimate Persian rug:

Knot Count

If you did not already know, Persian rugs are traditionally hand woven. The weaving process is done on a loom and one of the most important aspects of your rug will be the knot count. Each Persian rug is made up of millions of tiny knots. The rugs of the highest quality have a knot count of around 120 knots in every square inch. To find out if the rug you are buying is an authentic hand-woven one you simply need to flip the rug over. Now, you’re not expected to sit there and count the knots, but you’ll quickly be able to tell the difference between a quality Persian rug and a cheaper one.

Materials Used

Persian rugs which are hand woven will be crafted from silk, wool or a combination of wool and silk. When looking at the materials used in the manufacture of a Persian rug you’ll find that those rugs which are woven from 100{bbee4062e5bb201f09258f69c4a33d1ea0aa403cd8e3c2850d58adaa48e0dc8e} silk will have a finer and silkier finish. Wool will be used more often and will have a rougher feel to it. Finding a quality woolen Persian rug will depend on the breed of sheep as well as the climate in which it was raised.


Traditionally the dyes used in during the crafting process of Persian rugs were made from natural materials. These included insects, plants and fruits. Synthetically created rugs feature colouring which will permeate all of the fibres. The colouring will also be more even. Natural dyes used in crafting traditional rugs will only cover the surface of the fibres. To find out if you have a traditional woven or synthetically created rug simply bend the carpet a little. If you spot the colouring to be uneven when you have a real had woven rug.

What’s Your Budget?

The prices for a Persian carpet will vary. They will be dependent on the shape, colour, and size of the rug you are choosing. Be sure to always set yourself a budget when buying your Persian rug. You also need to know that the silk variants will set you back more than those crafted from wool. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the higher the knot count the more expensive the rug will be. Another aspect that will affect the price of the rug will be the ease with which the materials are obtained.

The Use

Before you set out to buy your rug you need to make sure that you know how and where the rug will be used. Silk rugs are great for hanging on walks as decorative pieces. Woollen rugs which are hardier can be used to cover floor space. Woollen woven rugs are more practical and far more durable than their silk counterparts. You need to make sure that you know where your rug will go before you buy it.