6 Types of Office Interior Designs That Are Suitable For Your Workspace

  • How is the interior of the office you live in now?
  • Is it comfortable enough?
  • Do you want to change the look of your office interior?

There are lots of office interior design choices that can be applied to your office. Interior design can create a character. You can use many themes for your office, such as modern styles, art, decor, minimalism, or the current trends from Express Fitouts. They are a One-Stop-Shop that provides a variety of office fitouts Canberra that you can try. Just tell us what you need; Express Fitouts will help you.

Kinds of Office Interior Design and Its Functions:

1. Contemporary Design

To make this design, you have to play on the color selection used. Usually, modern designs, using only one color choice. The choice is neutral colors, such as cream, gray, white, and black.

2. Classic Design

If there is a contemporary office design, there is also a classic-themed interior design. For this classic theme, uses several color choices, such as classic white mixed with grayish-blue. In addition to the two colors, there are still some other colors that you can make a combination of are yellow, green, and brown.

3. Victorian design

Venture theme design is a European product that is loved by many designers. This theme accentuates the room with excellent lighting coming from lamps or candles. The colors you can apply for this Victorian design are dark red, dark green, and also gold.

4. Retro design

If you want a net-designed office, you can choose colors like orange, blue and red. Also, geometrical motifs combined with modern designs can be an alternative in developing retro-themed interior designs.

5. Bohemian Design

The next office interior design is bohemian style. Bohemian is a form of freedom, a modern look, and a complete collection of soft colors. Besides, bohemians are also identical to the typical gypsy, namely the nomads, because they do not like to stay in a place for a long time.

6. Eclectic Design

Have you ever heard this name before? The concept of eclectic style is a concept that has no rules in it. Here you can freely express yourself and use the mix and match games as you wish.