6 ways to keep spending money

Are you looking for ways to prevent you from spending money? Well, you’ve come to the right place here. It can be difficult to resist the urge to go shopping or to buy items that you really want. Here are 6 tips to help you take the urge and help you get your finances in order.

1. Place your credit cards in the freezer

If you have a tendency to carry a balance on your credit card each month because you do not have the money to pay it out, this can be a great solution. Place your credit cards in a container, fill it with water and place it in the freezer. Once it is frozen, it is very difficult to pick up the cards without damaging them. You will be forced to wait until they are defrosted to use them. By the time the ice has melted, you may have lost the desire to buy that impulse item. Can’t you live without the benefits of a credit card? Consider registering for a money-refund card that pays up to 2{bbee4062e5bb201f09258f69c4a33d1ea0aa403cd8e3c2850d58adaa48e0dc8e}, you get the rewards without the debt. If you need a fast loan then you don’t need a finances expertise as you can contact a new direct lender in UK and find information on its website.

2. Sleep on it

When you go to the store; is it difficult to say ‘no’? If so, perform the 24-hour rule. Tell yourself that you will not buy anything without sleeping and give it 24 hours before your purchase. This will make the emotions disappear and you can evaluate your financial situation to determine whether you can pay it or not.

3. Get an accountability partner

Is self-control difficult for you? Consider getting an accountability partner. If you are married, this would be the first person to whom I would look. I mean, who can better keep you in check than the person with whom you have closed your life. If you do not yet have a spouse, that is OK, find a friend or someone you trust and that can be objective. Do not ask your good friend who is a shopaholic or self-controlled. That would be the same as the blind who leads the blind. Find someone who will be honest and who will be hard on you when needed.

4. Stay out of the mall

If you go to the mall, do you find it difficult to walk outside empty-handed? If so, stay outside the mall for a while. The time you decide must be linked to a goal you have. This way you have a good reason why you can’t shop and you know that it is only for a season. You will be more motivated to stay away if you do this.

5. Limit your internet usage

Perhaps your challenge is shopping on the internet. You should look at blocking certain sites from your computer. Again, you can do this for a short period to achieve one of your financial goals.

6. Think about your goals

Do you have goals when it comes to your finances? Having a goal can be powerful and can motivate you to change your behavior.