7 Types of Shapewear You Can Choose To Perfect Your Appearance

Choosing the right underwear and in accordance with body shape has become one of the easiest ways that can be done to improve appearance. Not only in terms of size, material, and color, but also the model must also be adjusted to the needs.

Haven’t found a shapewear that fits your criteria? To facilitate you in choosing best shapewear for women, here are some examples of shapewear models that you can choose to perfect your appearance.


Girdle is a female Shapewear that is used to lift and shape the back of the body such as hips and buttocks to make it fuller, and to smooth the silhouette of the waist, hips and thighs. This type of shapewear is very suitable for body shaped like hourglass, apple, and pear.


Longtorso is included in the types of women’s clothing models that are commonly used to streamline the stomach, emphasize the waist line, and smooth the silhouette of the body when wearing kebaya. Longtorso is very suitable if worn for the body in the form of inverted triangle, hourglass, apple, and pear.

High Waist Shape Pant

High waist shape pant is one of the slimming bodysuit that can be categorized into types of sexy lingerie that can form and emphasize the silhouette of the body from under the breast to the waist and the back of the body. Women with inverted triangle and rectangle body shape are very fitting when wearing this model shapewear.

Shape Vest

Shapewear, better known as the shape vest, is useful for sharpening cleavage and lifting the breast. Shapewear is very suitable if worn for women with rectangle, apple, and pear bodies.

Waist Nipper

Waist nipper is a type of shapewear that can be used to streamline the abdomen and form a silhouette of the body like an hourglass. Some women with body shapes like hourglass, apple, and pear will be perfect if you wear shapewear like this.

Body suit

Body suit is one type of shapewear that can be used to form cleavage while enhancing the silhouette of the abdomen and waist to make it look more beautiful and attractive to a number of women who have an inverted triangle, rectangle, or apple body shape.

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