A Costume with Long Lashes

Every year I like to wear a Halloween costume and go to a party that one of my friends hosts. I get pretty involved with my costumes, right down to the finest details. This year I wanted to go as a character from a movie, and this character had some noticeable eye lashes. Normally I would have just gotten some fake eye lashes for my costume, but I wanted my look to be as real as possible, so I started using the Careprost solution to make my eye lashes grow longer.

I found out about the eye lash solution a few months earlier to coming up with my costume idea. There was an advertisement that I saw on a website and I was curious enough to click on it. The product seemed like something interesting that I would want to try at some point in the future, but I wasn’t in a hurry to try some. Then once I thought about what kind of costume I wanted to wear and came up with a choice, I instantly thought about the eye lash solution. I ordered some and started taking it as soon as I got it to give my lashes enough time to grow.

My costume turned out pretty well and everyone instantly knew who I was the moment they saw it and my eye lashes. If there had been a contest for the best costume, I probably would have won. I don’t like to wear the same costume back to back, but I wouldn’t mind wearing this one again next year. There are probably some other characters that I could dress up as that also have long eye lashes. I know of one that was from a very old cartoon during the black and white era. She had a funny way of speaking and blinked a lot.