Closet Organization: 5 Basic Tips To Keep In Mind To Properly Organize Your Closet

A good number of folks believe that the closet should be one of the most inviting and loveliest spaces in the home…but unfortunately, it is usually the most chaotic space in our homes.

It is well understood that for most folks, their day to day activities which might require taking items in and out  of their closet several times in a day, makes it so hard to maintain a tidy closet space. It is why these basic tips to keep in mind to properly organize your closet are highly recommended for you:

●   Keep Only What You Love or Wear

So, like they say – first things first. You need to understand that ‘if you don’t need it or you’re not using it, it is clutter; you need to let it go’. A lot of folks have a couple of items in their closet which they don’t use or wear, and they just keep them in there to fill up spaces. These clothing can be selected differently or placed in a basket or bin. So, moving forward, it is advisable to be extremely particular about what you buy; only keep items that you love and that would make you feel good in your skin. Looking for a store to buy clothing and other fashion items? You may want to check Roamans online reviews to find out if that’s a good store for you.

●   Create Uniformity

The visual chaos is the only foe to an organized closet. It is so displeasing to the eye when your clothes are hanging inside out or your shoes are just placed here and there, one facing in and the other out…return to that scene after a long day at work and you would even feel overly tired.

However, to create uniformity in your closet, you can arrange your clothing and shoes by facing them in the same direction. You can also follow the rule of thumb – if you’re right handed, your clothes should be pointed towards the left and if you’re left-handed, they should be pointed towards the right. So, whenever you pick out your clothes, they would be facing you. Also, remove empty hangers from the closet and put them in a basket. This way you create a uniform look to your closet.

Collect Completely Matching Hangers For Your Entire Closet

Okay this might sound so insignificant, but it really does the magic. Investing in completely matching hangers for your closet could be so tiring and annoying because you might have to dispose of those cool collections of hangers that you really love. However, this will help you organize your closet better and make it look better. You should read up about online shopping brands which you can patronize in order to gather hangers with matching colors and hardware that would help create a very uniform and organized look for your closet.

●   Organize Your Closet by Color or Types

When your closet is being organized by color like putting all the shades of red in one corner and shades of blue in this other corner, your closet looks aesthetically pleasing and it is easy to go by searching for clothes with a particular color. But in cases where you have a larger closet, you can categorize your clothes by types, then color. For example silk, satin, cotton, sweater etc, can be selected differently and further categorized into different colors.

●   Fold and Stack Thick Clothing

Do make provisions for file folding in your closet. Bulky sweaters and jean denims make perfect stacks for your shelf space when folded. This is because they are thick and won’t wrinkle when stacked. This makes it easier to pick out clothes and replace them without distorting the order of the clothes.

By following the five steps listed above, you will be able to properly manage and organize your closet and keep your space looking great and neat at all times.