Fitting into a Halloween Costume

This past Halloween was a fun one. I took my son trick or treating for the first time. I remember when I went with my parents for the first time. I had a lot of fun and got so much candy from the other houses. My parents would only let me eat so much candy at once so I wouldn’t ruin my teeth and get too much of a sugar rush. This time, I had to slim down a little using Slimex 15 milligram capsules so I could fit into my costume. I went as a famous super hero and needed to get my body into shape to fill out the costume without tearing it.

I chose to go as the super hero because my son thought it was a good idea. He always watches a cartoon that features the super hero and thought it would be neat if I could dress up as him and he could dress up as the sidekick. I agreed to do it without thinking about how my body would look in the costume. The hero has a slightly muscular frame and I was pretty flabby with a spare tire. I took the capsules and started an exercise plan to help me gain more muscle mass.

By the time Halloween came, I was in great shape. I had never been as muscular as I was after exercising and taking the capsules. When I put the costume on, my son told me that I looked exactly like the super hero. My wife couldn’t believe how great I looked and kept taking pictures of me to share online. All of the other parents in the neighborhood couldn’t believe how much I changed when I came to their houses, and they thought my son was the cutest little sidekick.