How to Overcome Anxiety

Many times anxiety has been described as a fear response to an imagined and real situation. The minute an individual experiences discomfort caused by being afraid, they are fooled into thinking that it is dangerous and treating it as such. There are three reactions one may have; flight, fight, and freeze. When the source of fear is more significant than the person but seems slower the person will run because they think it will not be able to catch them; if what is causing fear is small the person will become aggressive and try to fight it off; when the thing is bigger and faster, one will oftentimes freeze and hope it doesn’t see so well and that it goes away soon. Here are several steps one can take to overcome anxiety:

Pause and re-label

Many voices come to a person’s head when they have a panic attack. These voices do not offer solutions to the situation they state that things are the way they are, and that is it. They are much like the authoritative voices in life. They are often, scary, and wrong. A person needs to question the voices; find a better solution.

Be specific

When a person has a panic attack, they will in most cases, throw things out of proportion. Worry takes everything out of context and creates a huge problem from nothing. In this step, your point is to narrow down what is troubling you and putting it in one box s you deal with that and no everything else. If for example if you are anxious about a job interview, it is best to remember that it is just a job interview and not the whole of your life that is breaking down or coming to an end. You will be required to put the fact that you are panicking because of an interview and not because your life is falling apart, so you can deal with the issue face to face and faster.

Wear precious jewelry

Sometimes, pieces of jewelry can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing and dealing with anxiety attacks. These pieces are great because they also add a pinch of elegance to your daily outfit. Buying a gold bracelet for women, for instance, is an excellent way to revamp an old outfit and make it look and feel new. It is also a great way to deal with anxiety. When you feel like you are panicking, all you have to do is fiddle with it, and you will shift your concentration from the stressors to the bracelet. This will keep you calm and ensure you feel great. You can then go about your business uninterrupted. The best part is that these will be with you every day regardless of where you are. You also have numerous designs to choose from that will suit your style.

Look at the situation in many angles

Here, you will be required to see the scenario from every point of view there is. To you, you probably need the job badly because of certain reasons; if you do not get the job, you go on searching, that one just wasn’t for you, if you do get the job, you work hard at it and do great. Getting friends to give you their perspective will help you see the situation in a completely new light, and you will realize there are only a few scenarios where you will not be able to find a solution.


By looking at all the possible situations from the scenario, you will be able to come up with a solution to every scenario. You will know what to do when this happens instead of that. It is important here that while the outcome is being announced that you take time to breathe deeply and slowly, so you will be calmer and able to implement the solution with ease.