I Bought Herb Grinders for My Friends

I was traveling out west and while driving through Colorado and decided to stop and grab a bite to eat and stretch my legs a bit. After a wonderful meal at a small town local diner I wandered around a little bit doing a bit of window shopping. I came upon a tobacco store and went to get a pack of cigarettes. I forgot that marijuana was legal in this state and was caught off guard at the open display of pipes and the advertisement of the best herb grinder available. I asked the shop owner what made this particular grinder so much better than others that are out there.

Let me tell you, he knew what he was talking about. He proceeded to tell me about the materials that are used to make this useful tool. The main construction of the grinder is made up of airplane grade aluminum. That sounds pretty sturdy to me. He started going into more intricate details about how they are made. At this point, I was lost in what he was saying. It was all foreign to me. He also told me that the company he orders from lets him customize each unit with different colors, text, and images printed on the top. It was actually pretty interesting to see how passionate he was about this company.

I, myself, do not smoke weed but have a few friends that do and decided to get each one of them an herb grinder as a souvenir from my trip out west. He even offered to ship them to my friends so that I would not have to travel with these items through states where they may be illegal. At least my friends live in a state where they are legal and shipping them will not be a problem.