I Wanted to Have Beautiful Lashes

I use Careprost to give me longer and thicker lashes. The amazing thing about this is that is not what it was originally designed to do. It was created to help people with glaucoma, and the lash magic is just something that was discovered after the fact. The people who were using this to treat their glaucoma started developing thicker and longer lashes, and sometimes even darker lashes too. Since then, it has been marketed as a eye serum to help women like me who have very thin or frail eyelashes. Mine were so frail that they were nearly non-existent.

That used to bother me a lot more before I got married. I would pile on the mascara, but I knew that was not really the answer because it was obvious that my eyelashes were not truly mine then. I even tried fake eyelashes, but I just did not like how they felt on me. I thought I was doomed to have thin eyelashes, and thankfully I married a man who loves me for who I am and not how my eyelashes looked. I stopped obsessing over them after we started dating, but I would still wish now and then that they looked better.

I found out about Careprost about four years into our marriage. I decided to go ahead and try it without saying anything to my husband, because I honestly was not sure that this was even going to work on me. I diligently followed the directions in how to apply the serum, and I did not stray from that at all. It took maybe five weeks before my husband could tell a difference, and that was such a wonderful day for me. I now have the eyelashes that I have always wanted, but my husband loves me just the same, which is wonderful!