It Must Be the Skin Routine

My daughter is almost eighteen years old and I am forty one years old and wherever we go, people think that we are sisters. She does look a lot like me, even though she looks like her dad a lot of the time. I thought it was funny when someone asked me if I use Retin A cream or if I use some other kind of skin potion. I tell people that I literally just started to wear sunscreen and that my dad has a very youthful look and I look a lot like my dad. I am so lucky that my dad has good skin because my mom has the worst permanent damage from sun that I have ever seen. I like to go in the sun but I think that it could be really hard to stop doing it, so I wear sunscreen all of the time and that also includes in the winter.

I do not think that it is my right to tell people what to do and what not to do, but I could never ever get plastic surgery just for the look of my face at my age. I feel like forty years old is still so young to get any work done. I am not against getting other work done, like breast work or anything like that. I do not want to get a face lift or anything that is either too invasive or very good at making me look not like me. I have started to lose a lot of weight and I know that if I do not go to the gym that I will be having a lot of extra weight on my skeleton. I may have some work done if I can get the insurance company to pay for it.