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Everything You Should Know About Hair Follicle Drug Test

We have to start by saying that hair analysis, or hair follicle drug test is a screening that will help you determine the presence of prescription as well as illegal drugs for some specific reason.

The most common one is marijuana hair test because this particular compound features specific regulation, because in some states, it is legal for both recreational and medicinal use, and still federal laws give the ability to employer to fire everyone who gets positive on THC.

What Is Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The process of administrating this test includes taking a small amount of strand, in most cases the ones closest to head shaft, by using scissors or special equipment made for this particular type of screening.

Afterward, they will start to analyze the strands so that they can determine whether you have consumed something in the last three months or ninety days.

The main reason why it is an excellent combination with urinalysis is that it can detect long-term usage, while urine screening is efficient for short windows.

Even though it was not popular in the past, nowadays, more and more employers decide to use it, since urinalysis features numerous ways to cheat it and tamper with results.

The workplace may request this particular type of screening for illegal drug abuse as a random and pre-employment drug test.

At the same time, according to most researches, it is great for determining whether someone is a long-term abuser and someone who is addicted to a specific substance.

The procedure can happen in a hospital setting or a lab, but in some latest situations, your workplace chief can order a kit that can be administered in your office and later sent to a lab, which is less expensive, more convenient and comes with the same level of accuracy.

It is challenging to tamper with it, and in general, impossible, since the technician will have to take your strands under direct supervision. You will be able to use styling products for hair, dye it or wash it numerous times without affecting the results.

Have in mind that technician will take approximately 100 hair strands from the crown, and if you do not have enough on your head, they will be able to use other parts of the body where you have it so that they can collect enough amount of specimen.

They will be able to determine the negative result in 24 hours after the removal by using ELISA test that determines this particular idea. It means that your employee did not consume anything illegal in the last three months.

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However, if the result is positive, it undergoes under test as the confirmation, which is known as GC/MS, that confirms positive effects as well as amount and type of drugs consumed in the last ninety days.

The second test is efficient enough to reduce the ability to inconclusiveness up to 1{bbee4062e5bb201f09258f69c4a33d1ea0aa403cd8e3c2850d58adaa48e0dc8e}, but the technician has to follow method, and only in case that the administrator did not take the appropriate specimen, the test may be rejected.

Finally, a laboratory will send the results to the company, organization or individual that requested it in the first place. Have in mind that everything has to be strictly confidential, which means that you have to sign release before getting everything.

Benefits of Hair Analysis

You should have in mind that urine drug test is one of the most common methods used to determine the presence of illegal and prescription drugs. At the same time, it is regulated by standards and laws, which means that both the private and public sectors use it regularly.

However, the technology has advanced, and we reached to a point in which you will benefit more by conducing hair analysis instead, especially since you can follow the patterns of abuse and it is impossible to cheat, which is not the case with urinalysis.

1.     They Have Long Detection Window

The best thing about this particular type of testing is a long detection window, which means that it can remain in your hair for years if you avoid going to hairdresser.

According to one archeological founding, they have found mummies, and when they tested a hair strand, they have discovered drug traces.

Therefore, everything we do and consume will enter our hair at some point. Therefore, if you have a long notice that you should pass a urinalysis, you will be able to abstain and use various cleansing methods to move it with ease.

These problems happen with other types of screenings, especially the ones that occur due pre-employment policies. That is the main reason why you should choose hair analysis instead because it can detect drug usage in the last three months.

That is the main reason why most employers across the USA decide to implement this method because it can detect patterns of abuse so that they can avoid hiring someone with that particular risk.

It can also detect the timeline of abuse, which is highly relevant, especially in case of an accident or injury that happened in working place.

2.     Impossible To Cheat

You should have in mind that cheating, tampering with results, and adulteration is possible when it comes to urine drug test.

You have to search online for best cleansing method to pass urinalysis, and you will find numerous techniques where some of them are successful while others are not.

Still, people can choose numerous options, and they will have a more significant chance to pass the test, even though they abuse illegal drugs in general.

If you wish to learn how to pass this particular type of screening, you should visit this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Pass-a-Hair-Follicle-Drug-Test.

On the other hand, hair analysis is entirely different, because the technician will cut your hair, which means that you cannot do anything with samples.

This particular method is not embarrassing and intrusive, which means that you can do it publically. Since the drug will be inside your hair follicles, you will not be able to consume anything that will help you remove the illegal drug.

Therefore, the success will be much greater, and you will have a realistic perspective on who is doing what so that you can avoid accidents and other problems in the future.