Leather Wholesale for Craft & Small Business – How to find one?

Are you new to leather crafting and not sure how to find good quality leather? Whether you have entered the world of leatherworking to pursue your hobby or start a small business venture, the right choice of leather suppliers can offer you a good start. But before purchasing leather supplies and tools, one should be aware of different types of leather options. By understanding the types and terminology of leather crafting, you will be able to pick up the right kind of leather for your project. 

But first thing first! How to find an excellent wholesale leather supplier? How to get good quality raw materials and tools for leather crafting? 

There are some possible ways to find good wholesale leather suppliers. 

Option1: Tanneries:

Tanneries are some of the best places to get hold of high-quality leather. However, there are some downsides to procuring leather supplies directly from tanneries. One may face logistic and commercial limitations when buying from a tannery. Besides this, one may not get enough leather options to choose from. If the quantity you are looking to purchase is low, you may have to pay a higher price.  

Option 2: Leather wholesalers:

Leather manufacturers and wholesalers with their own warehouses are other best options to procure leather. Leather wholesalers also provide high-quality leather in limited quantities as well. They keep a good variety of leather stock ranging from sheep, cows, and other animals. Most leather available with wholesalers is chrome-tanned. 

Option 3: Online leather wholesalers:

Thanks to the internet, you can now look for leather suppliers around you on your computer and mobile. Most leather wholesalers and suppliers have websites where you can look for the type of leather you want. Once you have found a supplier, you can either visit their store in person or place the order on the website itself. 

Besides this, there are various online channels where you can connect with the wholesalers directly. Most online channels have a pool of leather wholesalers and suppliers. The best part about such channels is that most of the supplies are immediately available and don’t have minimum order quantity requirements. They also offer competitive prices and products that are suitable for artists, traders, or small business owners. 

Wholesale Leather Price 

Leather manufacturing is a tedious process that requires time and complex treatments. The processing requirement makes leather expensive. Various factors can affect the wholesale price of the leather. They are:

  • The leather price depends according to its finesse and quality. High and premium quality leather will cost you more. 
  • The origin of the raw skin also plays a crucial role in determining its value. 
  • The price of the leather may vary depending on the type of tanning. Leather tanned in chrome is relatively cheaper than leather tanned in the vegetable. 
  • Processing and finishing of the leather also affect its price. 
  • Even the country and region where the leather comes from can influence its price.
  • Finally, the leather material’s intended use will also affect the wholesale price for the leather.