Rejuvenate your Sleep Routine in Three Simple Steps

Sleep is essential. But are we really doing everything we can to ensure we’re making the most of our sleep routine? Here are three simple considerations to get the most out of a good night’s rest.

  1. A Clear and Tidy Space

You’d be surprised what kind of difference this makes. We know how easy it is to neglect your bedroom, to keep your bed unmade, and dump your clothes and night-time read on the floor at your bedside. Often, by the time we reach our bed we’re so tired that we don’t even think about how the clutter might impact on our sleep. But it really can have a negative psychological effect. A tidy and clear space can help encourage a clear state of mind. So, instead of flopping onto the bed and ignoring the lumpy mattress, the scattered shoes and the cupboard-load of crockery that has made its way into your room, try taking some time to de-clutter. And stay in the habit. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of your clear, tidy bedroom, you will start to see the difference it makes to your quality of sleep.

  • Comfort is Key

When was the last time you really brought attention to your comfort levels at night? It might start with a great mattress, but what about everything else? Consider the air temperature and quality. A cooler room will offer a more comfortable night sleep. Additionally, bedrooms are often the dustiest room in the home. Make sure you keep on top of the dust to ensure a better night’s sleep. Next, think about your duvet: is it too thick and cumbersome? You can regulate your body temperature by wearing light nightwear and keeping a lighter duvet. We mentioned the mattress, but when was the last time you considered changing it? Perhaps it just needs a flip or a turn. Often, we’re not getting the most out of our comfort because our bodies are suited to a different style of mattress. There are lots to choose from, even on a budget, so shop around. It will be worth it in the end.

  • Turn it off!

We mean it! All of it: The TV, the console, the tablet, laptop, lamps, dimmers, phones, fans and podcasts. Quite often we rely on technology to help us sleep. Whether it’s listening to ASMR or meditation tracks, these days there is an endless amount of apps and tricks to help us sleep. But one of the best, most natural ways for the body and mind to wind down in bed is to turn off the day – completely. Just you, your bed and the night. Breathe in, breathe out and simply take the time to really tune out and rest. It will do you wonders.