Seeing is Believing with Careprost

Seeing is believing. That has always been my motto, and it is something I relied on when I looked up Careprost online. My eyelashes were so thin and someone from my work had told me that they used to have thin lashes like mine at one time. When she told me that, I looked closer at her lashes, figuring they were false ones then because they were really beautiful. She had to smile, because she knew exactly how I was feeling since she had once felt the same way too. She told me that they were not false lashes but rather the result of her using an eye serum called Careprost.

When I found out that this was a natural way to get nicer eyelashes, I became obsessed with finding out as much information as I could about Careprost. It was really interesting reading about the history on how it came to be, and it was even better to read all the testimonials about how this really does work. What was even nicer than just reading people’s words was seeing proof in their pictures. To me, that was all it took for me to take the leap and try this product myself.

I knew to not get discouraged because it is not something that happens overnight. I was at a point where even if it took a year to get my lashes nice and thick, it was well worth waiting for it. The alternative was just to use false lashes or cake on the mascara. Thankfully, it did not take a year for my own lashes to respond positively to the Careprost. It took about a month before I noticed a difference, and a little over another month before I really did not need to cake on the mascara anymore. Seeing is believing, and I see the proof every day now when I look in the mirror.