Simple But Useful Clothing and Fashion Tips

tips memilih fashion yang cocok sesuai warna kulit

Today many people have trouble choosing which clothes are best when they want to have a party. That’s why I decided to share some tips with you. I hope you found something useful in this article.

Don’t wear simple patterned clothes

This tip is for people who aren’t willing to spend more money on new clothes. Believe it or not, your appearance can make or break you. It can determine if you get another promotion. He can decide whether you want to attract the dream girl or the dream man.

So don’t be too cheap when you have to buy clothes. Nobody asks you to spend money like a millionaire. You can find great deals if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to find them.

Don’t be too extravagant

Yes, you don’t have to be a skater. But you also don’t want to be too extravagant. Use according to your choice. You don’t need to despair to see the newest fashion trend. More often than not, it’s okay to fall a step or two behind the latest fashions because most people aren’t in the fashion industry.

You don’t have to know everything – just ask someone for help

No one is an expert at everything. It’s okay to ignore fashion or clothing in general. Hence, the best way to solve this problem is to ask for help. I am sure you have friends who can help you in this area.

You don’t have to look for top experts in the fashion industry. Ask friends who know how to dress appropriately. They will be able to choose the best clothes for you and help you improve your overall appearance. 

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Be confident and learn to smile

Your appearance isn’t just about what you wear. An aura of confidence and a true smile can improve your vision. Let’s put it this way. You can dress a little shabby, but if you have an air of confidence and a real smile, people will still be forgiving of your clothes.

When in doubt, go for plain black

There are so many colours and this can cause a lot of confusion especially for those of you who are usually indecisive. So if you don’t know which colour to choose, black is probably the best choice.

Don’t always use black clothes

Although I mentioned above that black is usually the best colour, don’t always wear black. Why? Because black is considered an unfriendly colour! Therefore, it is advisable to choose lighter colours when meeting clients and want to show a friendly approach. For example, grey might have a better colour than black in this situation.