Solve your teeth problems cheaper and more effectively!


Teeth are our business cards. Some people say that the look of our teeth express our personality. You may agree with it or hide your teeth. Unfortunately, the dentist development does not mean that people have unlimited access to the dentist. Moreover, they have to pay for the dentist’s appointments as well as dental implants that are more and more expensive these days. Luckily, there is a remedy for this situation. It is dental tourism and in this article, it will be explained the tannlege i utlandet in details.

Why do people select dental tourism?

There are numerous reasons and probably everyone will provide different answer. However, those are the most common ones:

– the patients look for cheap solutions- the main reason why do people select the dental tourism is money. It is obvious that they may save a lot when they make the dentist’s appointment in Krakow instead of London. Moreover, the journey from London to Krakow by plane sometimes costs less than travelling by taxi from your apartment to the dental clinic.

– the patients look for professional dental care- Polish dental specialists are well-known in Europe and they attract more and more foreign patients who arrive in Poland with so called ‘difficult cases’. The Polish specialists are not afraid of challenges and they are always for the patient’s needs. In this way they are able to gain new experience and develop their skills learnt at the best Polish and foreign universities.

– the patients do not want to provide the financial support to their local dentist- sometimes they become to hate the dentist when they find out that he/she buys a new car or leave the town for an exotic trip.

– the patients want to discover new places- a large part of the patients do not want to stay in the hotel and wait for another dentist’s appointment. They want to leave the hotel and discover the country. When it comes to Poland and Krakow they have a lot of possibilities to do it. They may visit the main sights of the city, such as the Saint Mary’s Church and the Wawel Castle or go to one day trip to Zakopane to see the highest Polish mountains called the Tatry.

As it can be seen, the tannlege i utlandet can be an amazing and full of surprises time. At present, the dental care will not be associated with pain and impolite dentists who want a lot of money from you. Today, you may enjoy the dentist’s appointments in a friendly atmosphere with the experienced and professional dentists.