Sports That Can Burn Fat

Many people who want to slim body by diet. However, besides diet there are types of exercise that are also effective for weight loss. What are the sports that can burn fat in the body? Below are some of the types of exercise that can burn stubborn fat at once quickly.

1. Cycling

Cycling is a sport that can burn fat quickly. Besides being fast, cycling is also easy to do because it includes light exercise. Pedaling a bicycle for 60 minutes, can burn 850-1000 calories in the body.

This is a very significant result if you want to lose weight. Cycling can also train the muscles in the body, especially the leg muscles. Cycling in the morning can also refresh the body and the body becomes fresher.

2. Jogging

The next sport is jogging or running. This sport is very easy to do, moreover, you don’t need special tools. Jogging is one of the cheapest sports. Besides being cheap, the calories burned while running are also quite large, namely in 1 hour it burns 748 calories.

However, it should be noted that when running you have to warm up and cool down in order to prevent injury to the body. When running, you don’t need to be forced. If mid-body is tired, you can take a break by walking so that the exercise remains optimal.

3. On foot

The next exercise that can burn fat is walking. If you are not too strong enough to do sports such as running, you can do small sports such as walking. Walking 8-10 km can burn 500-800 calories in the body.

Doing walking exercise with friends will ensure that time will run fast and not too tired. If you do regular walking exercise, it is very effective to lose fat. It is enough to walk for about 15-20 minutes every day.

4. Swimming

There is also a sport that doesn’t sweat, namely swimming. Many people like swimming because it turns out that a lot of calories are burned while swimming. If we swim for just 1 hour, we can burn approximately 700-800 calories.

Burning calories when swimming occurs because you expend a lot of energy when the body is in water. When we are hungry after swimming, it is also a sign that calories have been burned. Besides burning calories, swimming can also increase height.

5. Jump Rope

This one sport is a sport that is easy to do, especially at home. Only need to use the rope used for exercise. Jumping rope also does not need a large area such as a field. Only at home can you do this sport. The number of calories burned while jumping rope is 700-850 calories if done for 1 hour. Highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.

6. Badminton

If you want to burn fat while improving your fitness, badminton is the right choice. Badminton is also very fun and you don’t feel too tired when playing with friends. Badminton can burn fat up to 300 calories every 30 minutes of play. Another benefit of badminton is that it increases agility and agility in the body.

7. Basketball

Apart from badminton, a sport that can burn fat is basketball. Moreover, basketball itself is a group sport which will certainly be very fun. Playing with friends can also relieve stress and of course while burning fat in the body.

8. Cardio Exercise

Sports that can burn the last fat is cardio exercise. This sport has become popular in recent years, especially this year. Cardio exercise is highly recommended for YouTubers in the sports field as a sport that is suitable for dieting. The calories spent during cardio exercise are also very large, they can even burn 1000 calories.

Those are the 8 exercises that can burn fat most effectively and can be done at home without special equipment. For those who want to lose weight, it is highly recommended to do the exercise above. to be more effective then consume Meticore, many people have tried and proven results. What are you waiting for, immediately read meticore reviews from consument and prove the usefulness