The latest Aprilia SR150 review

Aprilia, a manufacturer of automotive originated in Italy, has finally launched its latest scooter, Aprilia bikes SR150. This model comes with a capacity of 150cc. Looking at the body, Aprilia SR150 doesn’t have much difference with Aprilia SR Motorad 50. The only difference lies in its engine capacity. The difference is that Aprilia SR150 equipped with new CVT that can bring better acceleration power.

Scooter Matic with Stylish and Sporty Aerodynamics Design

The exterior of the Aprilia SR150 has a sporty design. This is evident in each body polished with a variety of interesting striping color combinations. The front section of Aprilia SR150 shows dual headlamp, mounted symmetrically on the body. On the side, there is a curvature formed in a tapered and elongated way to show the trendy impression.

Informative Indicator Panel Rely on Analog System

Aprilia SR150 has a stylish and sporty aerodynamic design. This motorbike also has panel indicators ready to provide information regarding the status of that scooter matic.

To support your needs, Aprilia SR150 has panel indicators mounted on the dashboard of the handlebar with an analog concept and equipped with an elegant design that is divided into three sections. All three sections that will provide accurate information are speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge.

Slimmer and Sporty Dimension

Aprilia SR150 has a sleek design that is not much different from Aprilia SR50. In addition to that, Aprilia SR150 is not too heavy, measured at 122 kg. The motorbike can advance more quickly and stable. You do not need to worry about the tank fuel because the motorbike made by Aprilia has a tank with a large capacity, 6 liters.

Driving Comfortably Thanks to Sturdy Support Suspension

In addition to a stylish design and dimensions, the comfort in driving is also becoming an important factor to choose Aprilia SR150. For that reason, Aprilia SR150 is designed using advanced suspension technology, the Telescopic Forks 32 mm suspension at the front and Hydraulic Shock Absorber suspensions in the rear. Both suspensions can cooperate to withstand shocks so scooters are still comfortable to be driven on damaged roads.