Want to Lose Weight? This is the Right and Harmless Way of a Healthy Diet

Diet is one way that is often done by people to lose weight. Diets in general are more often done by women because their bodies naturally produce more fat than men. In addition, self-confidence problems are also often the cause. There are many cases of people who are on extremely unhealthy diets in order to gain weight quickly. In fact, this diet method can endanger health.

3 Examples of Healthy and Cheap Diet

Diet is actually intended for health. Being overweight is one of the factors in the emergence of various dangerous diseases. For example heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and so on. Not only losing weight and preventing health problems, diet is also widely practiced with people with certain medical conditions. Therefore, before you go on a diet, it’s a good idea to know the various types of diets that suit your body condition. The following is a list of examples of healthy and popular diets in the community.

1. Low salt diet

This diet is actually a diet to lose weight by changing your lifestyle to be healthier. Salt or sodium is needed by the body to perform its function. However, excessive sodium intake can actually interfere with health.

Excess sodium can lead to hypertension and more serious heart problems. When you eat large amounts of salt, your blood vessels will absorb more water.

This has an impact on increasing blood pressure, and even worsening the symptoms of heart disease. For example, weight gain, bloating, and swelling of certain areas of the body. The swelling is the result of weakening of the heart muscle to pump blood.

The recommended sodium intake for adults is, at maximum, 2.4 grams per day (1 teaspoon). Meanwhile, for children aged 4-10 years, it is enough to consume 1-2 grams of salt every day.

Reduce the use of salt, spices, sauces, and flavorings in cooking. Instead, you can use spices. Also eat low sodium fruits and vegetables, for example tomatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, celery, lettuce, onions, apples, oranges, limes, and bananas.

2. A diet high in protein

As the name implies, this diet method encourages people to eat foods that contain high protein. This healthy diet is also done by limiting the consumption of carbohydrates, such as whole grains and cereals. A high protein diet is actually harmless if done in the short term, but that does not mean that this diet is completely safe.

Even for people with kidney failure, this kind of diet is prohibited. If you want to do this diet, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor first to help you make a diet plan that is not harmful to health.

3. Fruit shake diet

Diet milk (diet shake) is an alternative to a healthy and cheap diet that is low in calories. Diet shakes are mostly done by urban people. Not only saves time and is very practical, diet shakes also contain a variety of essential macro nutrients that the body needs. Diet shakes usually use fruits and vegetables to increase your daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

This one diet method can change body composition, including repairing inflamed organs and oxidative stress that can lead to serious illness. Diet shakes are very suitable to be applied at breakfast to control body weight in the long term.

Healthy and Safe Diet

If you want to lose weight, you should focus on the number of calories you burn. Also make sure you always meet nutritional needs during the diet so you don’t get sick easily.

Be wary of diets that claim to lose weight in a short period of time. For best results you should lose weight gradually. Here are some recommended ways of a healthy and fast diet without drugs.

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1. Choosing healthy and nutritionally balanced foods

Watch the food you eat. Increase the consumption of healthy and fresh foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds, milk and food products rich in resistant starch.

Avoid foods that contain excess sugar, salt and oil. For example, fried drinks, soft drinks, and packaged potato chips. In fact, you should reduce packaged foods, ready-to-eat foods and high-fat foods that will destroy your diet.

2. Pay attention to the portion of food consumed

No matter how healthy the food you eat, if it’s in excess, it’s still not good for health. Pay attention to the portions of food you eat to match your daily calorie needs.

How to eat a healthy and inexpensive diet does not mean reducing food portions to a minimum maybe. It’s more on calorie regulation. Each person’s calorie needs vary depending on age, gender and the activities undertaken.

Ideally, your plate should be 4 portions of meat for protein, carbohydrates, and the rest for colorful vegetables.

3. Set a meal schedule and do not skip meals

Skipping meals is the wrong diet method. For example not breakfast. Many people think that not eating breakfast can cut calories and thus lose weight. In fact, this assumption is wrong. If you don’t have breakfast, you will end up hungry all day long and tend to “get revenge” at lunch.

You can still eat 3 times a day as long as the portions are adjusted so you don’t overdo it. The key is to avoid foods that are high in calories and high in fat. Try to keep your breakfast menu containing fiber and high in protein so you can be full longer.

4. Combine with regular exercise

Losing weight will not be complete without regular exercise. Regular exercise is the best effort to burn calories that enter the body. Ideally, you need to exercise at least 30 minutes per day to keep your body healthy, fit and your weight under control.

5. Avoid habits that are detrimental to health

In addition to practicing a healthy diet like the one above, you must also complete it by avoiding bad habits. Smoking, staying up late, drinking alcohol are habits that must be avoided in order to keep your body healthy.

If you keep doing this, chances are that you will lose weight to a smaller extent. then you may lose weight but that does not eliminate the risk of developing chronic diseases that endanger health.

Those are some ways to have a fast and healthy diet without drugs that you can do. Losing weight is not just about the patterns and types of food you eat. You must adopt a healthy lifestyle, including seeing your doctor regularly.

This is very important to do considering the risk of disease can come at any time and is unexpected. By adopting a healthy diet, you will at least minimize the potential for serious diseases that can endanger your health.