We Have Already Started on Christmas Preparations

I have suddenly run out of work today and even though it is almost seven months away the boss has decided that I may as well start to work on Christmas stuff. Obviously that stuff must be done, but it is a little strange to do it before the last cold snap of winter has given away to spring. At any rate I have been here, https://www.christmas-connections.co.uk/corporate-christmas-cards/ where they have all sorts of Christmas cards for this sort of occasion and they have things such as wedding invitation ideas as well. That is where I am starting at least, since apparently that is where we did this in the past year. Of course how well we treat you for Christmas has a great deal to do with how much business it is that we can expect to do from you or even how much we hope to do.

A lot of the time we will send off a very expensive bottle of liquor, or if it is more practical we have it sent there by some local entity. I did that last year and in all we sent off about two dozen bottles and each of them cost in the range of between one hundred dollars and one hundred and eighty dollars. That seems outrageous to me, when I would squeal if I had to lay down twenty some dollars for a bottle of liquor, but it really is not an issue for the company in the long term. For starters we want to be sure that we have laid down a marker with the person that writes the checks and then after that, this money all comes back when you figure out the taxes. You can justify all sorts of expenses on business reasons. Our salespeople do all sorts of ‘entertaining’ after all.