Why are Swiss Watches Expensive?

It is true that the price of some Swiss watches will leave you speechless. To be quite honest, the collectors themselves are often surprised. So why do they reach those shockingly exorbitant prices? You should know first that they can be divided into two categories, new and used ones. Their cost varies considerably according to this parameter but anyway, the price range of some luxury watches can be explained by several criteria.

Luxury Swiss Watch: from the Raw Material to the Finished Product

Creating a new Swiss watch always starts with the choice of the design and the prototype. Depending on the complexity of the timepiece, the manufacture can take several years. And once the model sees the light of day, it must be exposed to a whole series of tests. When this long and delicate process ends, the production can eventually begin. Before a Swiss watch is offered for sale, many expenses have been made.

The production room of a watch factory is similar to an operating theater. Dressing and regulation shoes are required. Specific systems are put in place to prevent the formation of dust. Beyond these strict working conditions, the purchase and the maintenance of tools and machines designed to create watches from raw materials are extremely expensive.

Then, there is the work of the watchmaker, logically rooted in the public mind as the manual assembly of several hundred fragile components. It is a very delicate task that requires the participation of lots of professionals before the Swiss watch starts working for the first time. Although, it is still possible to find some affordable authentic models on some online shops. You can, for example, purchase a cheap Louis Chevrolet Swiss watches for men and women on this brand’s Internet store.

Demand Boosts the Swiss Watches’ Prices

Beyond the base price of the luxury watch, consumer demand also influences the prices. Particularly requested watches are sold at a higher price. If retailers keep the selling price as the main marker, the most seasoned buyers resell their watches at a profit. Because even if these watches are considered as second-hand items, they are often delivered in their packaging and original condition. If you are lucky enough, you will get your famous high-end wristwatch from a merchant at a “normal” price. Otherwise, expect to pay a few extra thousand euros to a private individual.

It is the same thing for the second-hand market. If you buy a popular Swiss watch, you are likely to sell it at a higher price. Models crafted in unusual materials are particularly coveted by collectors, and their value is greater. It is also case of some watches made of non-precious materials: if their true resale value is supposed to be lower than that of watches in precious metals, they are actually much more expensive because of their rarity.